Thrive Body & Wellness

"The groundwork of all happiness is good health" - L. Hunt



We can facilitate your healing journey whether you are in pain, having chronic pain issues, stress, learning difficulties or suffering from chronic illness or auto-immune disease.

Thai Therapies

For relieve from pain and aches make use of our Thai Yoga Massage Therapies, reflexology or make use of our anti-aging all natural Gua Sha Facial

Personal Training

For Private Sessions, Online Training or Training programmes made to the need of the individual, this is the Trainer for you!

Life Coaching

Need to meet and set SMART goals, or get some help choosing a career, even relationship advise or get that Anger managed we can hep you!

In-body Scanning

If you don't like needles this is a very good alternative to do a health check.

From as little time as 1 minute we can do a full in-body scan with the Body Analyzer

Individualized Nutrition

We all know that there is no "one diet fits all", therefor we believe that each individual need their own nutritional guide.

What People say About us

Shanday Andrews-Masson du Monceau via Facebook

I arrived at Thrive Body and Wellness several weeks ago, in a dark and depressing state. Life was not worth living, there was no light at the end of my tunnel. They performed 3 kinesiology sessions on me since. I can not begin to describe how incredibly talented and professional my therapist was. I am in actual fact a new person there is a total turnaround in my depressive state. I am no longer suicidal and there is a bright light at the end of my tunnel, beckoning me forward. I have drive and goals for the first time in many months. Not only that, I feel good to. My pain has almost disappeared and my anxiety has vanished. Thrive Body and Wellness, thank you for turning my life around. You have made me physically and mentally well again.