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Thrive Body & Wellness

About Us

Welcome to our Wellness Center

With a passion for helping others, three friends decided to come together and bring their expertise and knowledge to a new venture, and so Thrive Body & Wellness was born.

We believe that each individual has within them the ability to heal and thrive, and live life optimally. Our dedicated team of professionals are here to assist you.

Why Choose Thrive Body & Wellness

Our professional team brings more than one modality to the table, allowing you, the client to visit one place for all your health and wellness needs.

Your wellbeing and health is our priority. We believe that one can never stop learning, and we are continuously improving our knowledge of the human body to stay up to date with our professional development.

Each member of the team has their own special field of interest, and all that put together makes us a force to be reckoned with.

Why survive when you can THRIVE!

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Meet our Experts

Maruschka De Wet

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Life Coach

Certified Nutritionist

Pregnancy and Special Population Fitness

Melina Geertsema

Kinesiology Practitioner

Specialist Pain and Stress Management 

Certified Sport Psychologist

Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology

Counseling Facilitator

K-Power Instructor

Lizelle De Wet

Kinesiopractic in Pain & Stress Management

Emotional Nutritionist

Auto-immune Disease Management

Practitioner - Thai Yoga Massage

Practitioner - Gua Sha

Practitioner - Reflexology

K-Power Instructor

Student Iridologist